DASHPORT is Deno’s first authentication middleware module for both the local login and OAuth 2.0 flows. Just like its Node.js predecessor, Passport, it’s lightweight, incredibly modular, and can be plugged into any Oak-based web app (with plans to accommodate more Deno middleware frameworks as competitors to Oak emerge). Dashport turns setting up authentication in your app from a project in-and-of itself to a single bullet point on your to-do list.


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Before we begin, if you don’t already know about Deno, which Node.js …

In Zadie Smith’s essay on the same (well, at least in broad strokes, seeing as she also admonishes the trend towards masturbatorily lamenting the inevitable end, but I of course have nothing to worry about since that’s not at all what I’m doing here — I’m presenting an actionable solution) subject, she writes that “the apocalypse is always usefully cast into the future.” I think that just about sums it up — we need to fully process the fact that the world isn’t just going to become inhospitable to human life someday in the future. Rather, the changes that will…

Sam Portelance

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